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Teaching People of All Ages And Backgrounds How To Grow Nature's Greatest Gift 

Hello! My name is Jerry, and my mission is to spread the knowledge needed to grow cannabis across the entire globe. This is where I nerd out about growing weed and share everything I learn. 

Before you ask - no, the Pot Prof is not a real human being. He is just a fun-loving cartoon character I made up. He depicts the teacher all growers wish they'd had when they first started growing cannabis. But the information in the Pot Prof guides and instruction manuals does come from real people who have grown real cannabis plants for decades.

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Everything You Need

Everything You Need To Get Started

Instructions For Growing & Harvesting

Complete Instructions

Learn how to grow your own buds from seed to harvest. Follow the professor’s complete guides to planting seeds, cloning, cultivating various strains, trimming and curing buds. They cover everything from basic grow tents to complex hydroponic systems.

Equipment For Beginners & Experts Alike

Recomendations & Reviews

Use the professor’s buyers guides and equipment lists for easy shopping and assembly. He shows you all of the equipment, tools, and appliances needed to grow and harvest your buds no matter how experienced you are.

Supplies For Every Stage Of Growth

Lists & How-to Guides 

Properly care for your plants with the Pot Prof’s recommended fertilizers, microbial supplements, and flowering nutrients. Find the right cloning hormones, growth media, and PH balancers for your specific grow set up, and learn about the wide range of organic fertilizers now available. 


Start Here: The 3 Stages Of Growing

1. Preparation & Planting

Sowing seeds is a delicate process. Every batch of seeds can have a few duds. Some of the seeds may not sprout, and some of the sprouts may not make it flowering. That’s why it is important to use the correct techniques for watering and sprouting to give your seeds the best chance of success. But first, planting requires careful preparation, beginning with the process of building a custom grow system.

2. Growing

Growing marijuana is tricky but rewarding. Find out about everything from lighting and nutrient balancing to defoliation and scrogging. Each of these three phases of growth require different skill sets: early growth, late growth, and flowering growth. Learn how to grow big, sticky colas on the first try.

3. Harvesting

Harvesting is fun if you know what you are doing and a nightmare if you do not. Depending on your skill level, trimming and curing full buds can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Using expert advice and time-tested techniques, the professor provides clear and simple instructions so you can trim and cure like a professional on your first try.

Free How-To Guide For Growing Marijuana 

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